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The Division is looking for a new Student Representative

Well, the last two years as your WDAFS Student Representative have been incredible, but all good things have to come to an end, I suppose.  I am really excited to move on to new levels of involvement with AFS, and to help a new student take over the WDAFS Student Rep role.

I have loved being student rep, getting to know so many fisheries students and professionals in the Western Division.  As part of Excom, I have traveled to mid-year meetings and annual meetings, participated in student colloquium planning, participated in conference calls, and worked with many of you as well as with WDAFS Excom members.  As an added benefit, I’ve made many new friends and future business contacts.  Who wouldn’t want to be student rep?!  This has been an invaluable (and fun!) experience for me.

This role is an excellent opportunity to learn more about how WDAFS operates and how AFS can play an important part in your career and studentship.  Here are some facts about being student rep that you should consider:

  • You get to participate in monthly WDAFS Excom calls with the WDAFS Executive Committee: chapter presidents, as well as the WDAFS president, VP, president elect, past president, and secretary treasurer.  This is a great way to learn what’s going on in Western Division and gives you insight into how AFS operates.  On these calls, you report to Excom on student interests, and relay issues of student concern to the committee and back to students.
  • You get to travel to the WDAFS Excom mid-year meeting and WDAFS annual meeting as a member of Excom…which means WDAFS reimburses you for your travel.  You participate in meeting planning and give a student report at the meeting.  You’ll also communicate any information relevant to students back to WDAFS students.
  • You are a non-voting member of Excom, so you get to listen to issues and votes, but are not allowed to vote.  Your opinion and perspective are always welcomed.
  • You get to help the hosting university plan the WDAFS Student Colloquium!  2015 is at Utah State, 2016 at Oregon State.
  • Send periodic emails to WDAFS students letting them know about scholarships and other opportunities available to WDAFS students.
  • You have a travel budget – in addition to being reimbursed for travel to the mid-year and annual meetings, you have funds available that are intended to help you visit a Western Division university and spend time with their student AFS subunit.
  • I liked to write a “student interest” piece for the WDAFS newsletter occasionally.  This is optional, but very much appreciated, and fun.

The student representative is elected for a one-year term, with the option to run for one additional term.  Find out more about being the WDAFS Student Rep here:  I’ll be available to help the new student rep get settled into their role and will share all pertinent information with the new rep, of course.

Interested?  Send a one-paragraph biography/letter of interest and a photo to Travis Neebling (travis.neebling [at] no later than May 31, 2014 Student reps must be a Western Division graduate or undergraduate student, AFS member in good standing.  Student representative terms begin and end with the AFS Annual Meeting.  Candidates will be voted on via email poll by other student AFS members in good standing.

Please feel free to contact me with questions or for more information at: wdafs.student [at]