Student Colloquium

The 2015 WDAFS Student Colloquium was a huge success! Thank you to the Utah State student sub-unit for hosting, the mentors who volunteered their time at the mentoring session, as well as Scott Tolentino, Brett Roper, Jereme Gaeta, and Stephen Klobucar for hosting workshops on Bear Lake ecology, applying for federal jobs, and communicating science.¬†Check out some of the materials from the conference, including student abstracts, the feedback form used for oral presentations, and materials from the workshops given by Brett Roper and Jereme Gaeta. This event could not have been possible without the generous support from the Western Division, AFS Education Section, Utah State University, Utah Chapter of AFS, California-Nevada Chapter of AFS, Biomark, and Papa Murphy’s. I am currently looking for a student sub-unit to host the 2016 WDAFS Student Colloquium. If you’re interested, please contact WDAFS Student Representative Jane Sullivan at

Abstracts from the Colloquium can be downloaded here.