Resolutions & Policies

A resolution is a formal expression of views of the Western Division (Division) membership.  The purpose of a resolution is to call attention to issues of concern and inform members of matters important to the Division.  Resolutions by themselves do not solve problems; however, resolutions place the Division on record as recognizing the need for action by individual members, governmental agencies, appropriate legislative or administrative bodies, or by the Division Officers.  Two types of resolutions may be considered:

  1. Internal resolutions concern the Division by honoring the achievements of members, addressing Division operations, or recognizing individuals or organizations that have assisted the Division in its work.
  2. General resolutions (with link to Resolutions) place the views of the Division on record regarding matters of significance affecting fishery resources within the boundaries of the Division.

A policy is developed by the Division membership to guide the Division on issues affecting aquatic resources, professional ethics, and the environment.  Identified issues relating to these categories that are of sufficient importance and scope result in the development of formal policies to provide political, social, and/or technical guidance to the Division.

Please refer to the Division Procedural Manual for the processes to develop and submit resolutions and policies.


Guidance Document for Resolutions