The Salvelinus confluentus Curiosity Society (ScCS) was formed in 1989 by biologists and bull trout enthusiasts to facilitate sharing information about the species and to promote its conservation. Fast forwarding to 2019 — ScCS developed an online digital library focused on bull trout. The library is a collection of more than 9,000 publications, data, presentations, and other information dealing with species from the earliest reports to the most recent work across its range in the US and Canada. The library centralizes all of that material making it simpler to find and readily accessible on the web. ScCS also maintains a mailing list to announce additions to the library so that subscribers are made aware of new information as it becomes available. The bull trout library is a “living” library, and it depends you to put it to use and help keep it complete and up to date.

History of the Salvelinus confluentus Curiosity Society

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