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Resolutions & Policies - Western Division American Fisheries Society ( WDAFS )

Resolutions & Policies

A resolution is a formal expression of views of the Western Division (Division) membership.  The purpose of a resolution is to call attention to issues of concern and inform members of matters important to the Division.  Resolutions by themselves do not solve problems; however, resolutions place the Division on record as recognizing the need for action by individual members, governmental agencies, appropriate legislative or administrative bodies, or by the Division Officers.  Two types of resolutions may be considered:

  1. Internal resolutions concern the Division by honoring the achievements of members, addressing Division operations, or recognizing individuals or organizations that have assisted the Division in its work.
  2. General resolutions (with link to Resolutions) place the views of the Division on record regarding matters of significance affecting fishery resources within the boundaries of the Division.

A policy is developed by the Division membership to guide the Division on issues affecting aquatic resources, professional ethics, and the environment.  Identified issues relating to these categories that are of sufficient importance and scope result in the development of formal policies to provide political, social, and/or technical guidance to the Division.

Please refer to the Division Procedural Manual for the processes to develop and submit resolutions and policies.


Guidance Document for Resolutions

1948 Resolutions255.9 KB
1949 Resolutions103.1 KB
1950 Resolutions60.5 KB
1951 Resolutions237.3 KB
1952 Resolutions656.8 KB
1953-1954 Resolutions433.1 KB
1955 Resolutions153.8 KB
1956 Resolutions210.5 KB
1957 Resolutions15.3 KB
1958 Resolutions24.0 KB
1959 Resolutions56.1 KB
1960 Resolutions223.9 KB
1961 Resolutions170.1 KB
1962 Resolutions205.2 KB
1963 Resolutions115.3 KB
1964 Resolutions54.7 KB
1965 Resolutions226.5 KB
1966 Resolutions300.5 KB
1967 Resolutions308.9 KB
1968 Resolutions112.9 KB
1969 Resolutions827.1 KB
1970 Resolutions198.5 KB
1971 Resolutions84.2 KB
1972 Resolutions169.1 KB
1973 Resolutions157.8 KB
1974 Resolutions45.9 KB
1975 Resolutions216.3 KB
1976 Resolutions239.4 KB
1977 Resolutions104.5 KB
1978-1981 Resolutions388.2 KB
Bristol Bay - Letter to EPA105.6 KB
Bristol Bay Final Watershed Assessment WDAFS Comment Letter Jan 24 2014292.6 KB
Bristol Bay Review461.4 KB
Bristol Bay Review WDAFS Comments Final June 28 2013193.1 KB
Bristol Bay Scientific Review Resolution 2009166.8 KB
Final WDAFS Bristol Bay Resolution101.7 KB
Final WDAFS Illegal Fish Stocking Resolution56.7 KB
Position Regarding the Proposed Klamath River Dam Removal - OR AFS245.6 KB
Position Regarding the Proposed Klamath River Dam Removal - WDAFS93.1 KB
Resolution on 1872 Mining Law Reform22.0 KB
Review of the 2009 AIMP for the Columbia River Power System226.3 KB
Review of the 2012 Draft Recovery Plan for Southern Oregon Northern California Coast Evolutionary Significant Unit of Coho Salmon667.6 KB
Snake River Resolution164.6 KB
WDAFS SusitnaLetter AKLegislature Final 3Mar15221.4 KB